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As our syncstarter software grows in popularity and features, there is a growing community of enthusiasts interacting on-line, exchanging suggestions and tips.

Be welcome to join one of the spaces for discussion and share your impressions with us.

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This is a discussion list to exchange experiences and discoveries, mostly focusing on the free and open source software HDSync and IvySync, but also hosts generic discussion about other software components we use.

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HDSync on the WDLXTV web forum


The web forum on WDLXTV is where we announce new releases of HDSync and where the community of WDTV HD Live users usually checks for new applications. It is a friendly environment, but it requires some specific knowledge about the WDLXTV homebrew firmware to get a grasp of discussions.



PLoop on the WDLXTV web forum


Same forum, different thread. Our small WDLXTV specific app.bin called PLoop is made to solve the very simple task of playing and loop videos on the WD HD Live without showing anything else than a black screen between the loop.


AVRemote on the WDLXTV web forum

AVRemote on WDLXTV

Same forum, different thread. This is about our AVRemote software component to exchange low-latency UPNP-AV transport signals. It is specific about this software component, which is pretty much in the backstage of things related the syncstarter.