Simple tool to play and loop videos automatically

PLoop is an app.bin for the WDLXTV homebrew firmware that, once put into an usb storage connected to the WDTV device, automatically starts the playback of the first file in the ‘video’ directory of that device.

The playback will loop indefinitely for that file and there won’t ever be any graphical interface shown: the device becomes an on/off solution ideal for exhibition spaces and musea deploying such technology to show videos.


As simple as it sounds: copy a video file into the video/ directory of a usb stick, copy in its root, stick it into the WDTV and switch it on.

The video will start playing and will loop again when its over. Screen will always be black in the meanwhile.

Loop is not seamless, but close to, with approximately 1 second black between each play.

This app.bin solves the problem many people had with WDTV, that the autoplay function doesn’t works.


Stable releases of PLoop are free to download: we offer sources, as well a pre-compiled MIPSEL binary bundled as ready to use WDLXTV app.bin

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