Hire our support

If you need support using the syncstarter software to distribute artworks or produce audio/video installations, you can certainly hire experienced assistance here: we offer consulting on possible in-house solutions for you to build and adopt independently.

While our software is free and open source, we can both adapt it to particular needs, or help you in its setup with the warranty that it will work.

Keeping in mind this software is the work of an artisan, you will be consulting directly with the maker and it will cost you 200$ per hour.

Usually the setup of devices may take just an hour to work well, but the need for customizations and adjustment to particular needs can take longer.

You can ask an analysis of your needs for 50$ and, if you hire the service you will have a 50% rebate in case it will not work for your purposes.

If you are interested in this possibility then please do not hesitate to contact Jaromil directly.

Hire a workshop

If you are interested in developing more syncstarter expertise for you and your team you can also book a Syncstarter workshop for you and your colleagues.

After this workshop we will release a certificate and indicate you or your company as a reference organization for assistance on the syncstarter in your area.

The cost for a workshop is 2400$ plus travel costs from Amsterdam.

Again, if interested just contact Jaromil.


Thanks for your consideration!