In the video art field there are many artworks requiring the real-time synced playback of different audio/video channels.

We develop digital video syncstarter software for the exhibition and restoration of multi-channel video artworks that require synced playback on multiple screens.

The tradition of syncstarter development was initiated by René Coelho in Amsterdam (Montevideo, 1980); This website documents our continued activity of development on digital syncstarter solutions, continuing the artisanal tradition of syncing videos.


picture of the first "Corporal" syncstarters

Models of the "Corporal" syncstarters, made by Montevideo in Holland (~1980-90)

We emphasize the freedom to share and re-use the digital tools we produce: all our software is licensed as free and open source, packaged and published using readable and well established standards, running on publicly available and affordable hardware.

Our digital video syncstarter software is used to exhibit video installations of Linda Wallace, Calin Dan, Peter Bogers, Erwin Olaf, Sami Kallinen, Lydia Schouten, Julika Rudelius, Magnus Monfeldt, Broersen & Lukacs, Semiconductor and other artists distributed by Montevideo/NIMk.

The digital video syncstarter software development is lead by Denis Jaromil Roio with reviews and contributions by Wiel Seuskens, Robert De Geus, Ramon Coelho and Mario Vrugt.

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