VRemote is a simple command-line tool to send UPNP commands to devices supporting the AVTransport 1 and 2 specifications. It allows to control the playback of audio/video files on media players using the commandline.

This software doesn’t aims to be a comprehensive implementation of UPNP controls nor to provide advanced functions for playlist handling and such. AVRemote development follows a minimalist approach, to be adopted by more complex applications to control the playback of media players.

AVRemote mostly consists of code written in C (can browse it on GitHub) and optionally it can link the miniupnpc library to support autodetection of devices.

Our main goals are simplicity, speed, portability on embedded devices, small footprint and reentrancy. We are currently testing it with success on the WD HD Live media players.

This software component is deployed inside our software HDSync, still released standalone for generic uses.


Stable releases of AVRemote are free to download, we offer sources, as well pre-compiled binaries for x86 and MIPS targets.

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