HDSync 0.6 “Sunflower” released

A new version of the source (and binary build) of HDSync is out: 0.6 codename “Sunflower”.

Announcement on Freecode

Here below a summary of changes:

  • Improved stability
  • Fixes to the looping of videos
  • Fixes to network handshake
  • Documentation updates
  • New website, mailinglist – and here we are :)

as usual you can download the latest version of HDSync sourcecode as well MIPSEL binary builds (WDLXTV app.bin)

This release gets us to a good point, but HDSync still is in a BETA stage of development and we don’t have yet 100% precise frame sync.

Also there is a problem reported by many users, that the boxes freeze after about 4 to 6 hours of syncstarted loops, this is a problem we will address in the coming releases and for which there seems to be already a temporary fix.

Hence, the primary development goals towards 1.0 are: making the loop more steady (avoid freezes) and making the sync frame precise. In particular for the frame precision sync I’m planning to rewrite the network handshake and sync mechanism: while it is currently using a shell script and code from GNU netcat, I expect to lower the latency adopting the 0mq library.

Feel free to subscribe our new mailinglist to stay in touch and discuss further development.